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Operate from Your Ruling Domain

If you don’t introduce yourself, the world will not know you.

Who are you and what do you have that the world needs?

Writing comes in very handy in my journey of life because it is my primary talent.

I remember years ago, when I used to write for magazines without pay because writing is a natural creative ability that I can use anytime anywhere even if there’s no monetary value attached to it.

I also used to honour speaking invitations on different platforms to speak on different topics with no fee attached and the same goes for teaching and counselling because I do these effortlessly with joy.

I remember when I started offering business advice to people based on what they know how to do very well. I never knew the value of this gift until people started sharing testimonies of the businesses built from my suggestions and guidance.

While I was doing all these, I was working and earning money but there was this yearning in me that I couldn’t understand.

I yearned to know and understand the exact assignment I was created to carry out on earth. I was so disturbed to know and live according to my purpose on earth.

I noticed that whenever people share the outcome of my “business idea/advice”, I experience unspeakable joy and fulfilment.

I started thinking of how to build a business from what gives me joy and fulfilment.

This continued until one day when my boss read a report of an event I sent to her and expressed how creative she found my writing ability. She advised me to write a book which I did.

In other to monetise and maximize my talents, I took strategic steps to develop and refine my talents.

That single decision has given birth to The Talent Maximization Academy, A Coaching & Public Speaking firm and 5 published books.

At The Talent Maximization Academy, we train and coach people on how to discover, develop, monetize and maximize their talents and create unique paths for purposeful living. Details on how to enrol in the academy are in the comment section.

Today, I operate from my Ruling Domain and it gives me joy to teach others how to find and occupy their Ruling Domain too.

My name is Oluchi Madu. I help people turn their talents into wealth and create a unique path for a purposeful living.

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