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The Purposeful Children’s Academy

Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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The Purposeful Children's Academy

Over the years, I have been working with families, non-governmental organisations and primary & secondary schools, to guide children in exploring their talents, choosing courses of study & career paths, and guiding them to create unique paths for successful and purposeful living.

It's been an amazing and fulfilling journey watching the children under my tutelage thrive in their journey of life. But, I've always known that there's a call to do more. I've always known that the field to cover is massive.

Many parents have been asking for something more affordable than a 1-1 Coaching journey, something that can accommodate more children. Here comes The Purposeful Children's Academy!

Things you’ll Learn

The Purposeful Children's Academy is an academy where children are nurtured to become purpose-driven and dare to occupy their global seats.

It is a platform where children are guided to explore their inherent abilities and learn life-building skills like - problem-solving skills, critical and creative thinking skills, leadership skills, social capital-building skills, emotional intelligence skills, time management skills, self-discipline & self-confidence skills, and other important skills highly needed for purposeful living.

It is a one-year program where these children are taken through a journey of becoming who they are designed to be. We guide them to explore their talents and hold them accountable to become intentional and Purposeful to become who they are designed to be.

January, 2025.

The Purposeful Children's Online Academy


Hear the Real Stories from Real People

With over a decade of experience, Oluchi has empowered countless individuals to unlock their full potential.

Let's be honest here...
You cannot train a child all by yourself!

It takes a community to raise a purposeful child.

Your child needs proven guidance, training, coaching and mentorship to become great, successful and fulfil purpose on earth.

We welcome your child to an extraordinary academy that will train them to become purpose-driven and strive to occupy the global seat where they are designed to be.

Make a direct payment of #100,000 to GTB 0114587243 Oluchi Madu and send a WhatsApp chat to +447835789371.

You can also book a slot with #10,000 and spread your balance which must be completed before training commences.

Need to embark on this life-transforming journey but want further information? Send us a chat now - +447835789371.


The academy caters to three main age groups: kids, teens, and young adults.

The program at the Purposeful Children's Academy spans one year, during which children embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

The academy utilizes online learning tools and resources to bridge geographical gaps, ensuring that all students have equal access to quality education and mentorship regardless of their location or schedule constraints.


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